3 Wheel Stroller Taga Trike – The Sad Truth


The 3 wheel stroller that converts to a trike or, a trike that converts to a 3 wheel stroller? “You Make The Call”. The Taga Bike Stroller is an adult tricycle with the child seat on the front that converts to a stroller in mere seconds. This is a short review, feel free to contact me if you have future suggestions.

You can see the video demonstration below.

A Google search revealed it’s available at Google Products and other retailers.Here I want to comment on the pros offered on the Google Products page.

“…Taga goes from super fun, safe and maneuverable bicycle to designer stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators.“So, is it no longer ‘super fun, safe and maneuverable’ when converted to the designer stroller?

I also have to wonder how welcome I’d be in ‘stores… trains and… elevators’ after I’d been rolling over the various types of road debris along the way.

“The possibilities for adventure-and reasons to buy one-are endless“ Really?! Endless?! Really?!I guess it’s kinda like the character ‘Bubba’ in “Forrest Gump” who recites the many ways to prepare shrimp.It seems he could go on forever but he eventually runs out.

“The fact that you can stroll with it, ride on it, and take it on public transportation makes Taga one of the greenest vehicles around“ What?! Run that one by me again…Ya know, I’m no copy writer, but……man, give me a break.

The greenest vehicles around? Just because…“you can stroll with it, ride on it, and take it on public transportation“I could do that with a mule, camel, aardvark, skunk, squirrel… okay I’ll stop there. How about a log in a river? Now there’s green transportation.

Far greener than a stupid, people powered aluminum trike. (Even though I can’t stroll with it or take it on public transportation.

“Feel good about leaving your car behind.” Yeah, I ALWAYS feel guilty about that one. Especially in certain parts of town. I feel MUCH better trikeing through these same parts of town. Fun aside now.

I really did find this an interesting, though impractical for my lifestyle product. You can use it as a trike for transporting your child, or convert it into a stroller. The advantage I see in this is you don’t need two conveyances for your child, trike and stroller. It’s all right there.

I see there’s a ‘basket’ underneath. Doesn’t look like much room though. Better take along a small diaper bag. You should be able to judge from the photo and videos whether or not YOUR lifestyle could be augmented with the Taga Bike Stroller.

There are multiple colors and accessories.They have a double child seat made of wood. Oh, yeah! Wood. Gotta get me one! Other accessories are a side pouch, rain cover, second child seat, mud flaps (to protect you, not flip mud on you), disc brakes, adjustable bike seat, adapter for a Maxi Cosi (only) car seat, shopping basket (a little forward thinking here on Tagas’ part.

When your child is too large to tote around you can still use the trike for something). So there you have it, my take on this product. Like I implied, I don’t have a use for this but perhaps you will and so I bring it to your attention.